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Home/ Aunt Rivkah/ Question of the week

I have this best best friend, Daniella. She is in Israel now, for a vacation. I miss her so much. She'll be gone the whole summer. I have been e-mailing her and writing to her, but she doesn't reply back. She's not mad at me, and I'm not mad at her, but she won't reply. I feel very sad about this, and I don't know what to do. Please help me.
Maybe, just maybe, Daniella is too busy to reply back your e-mails. It doesn’t mean she loves you less than before. What you need to do while she’s gone is having a great summer vacation yourself: travel, go to movies, meet other people, read books and do all what you consider as major F U N. When Daniella comes back both of you will have plenty of things to tell each other and your friendship will be even better than before.

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