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“Nizcor” Project (English)
A site devoted to the memory of the millions of persons who were murdered in the Holocaust by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime. It contains a great deal of Holocaust information, research, questions and answers, links to FTP sites, bibliography, information on organizations and concentration camps and a search index of personalities.
Amcha (English)
The Israel Center for Psychological and Social Support of Holocaust Survivors and the Second Generation. Its goals: to give survivors and their children the feeling that they are not alone and the opportunity to express themselves. Here you will find survivor testimony, a unit to search relatives, books and more.
Anne Frank House (English)
The site displays the hiding place in the center of Amsterdam where Anne Frank wrote her famous diary during World War II until she was discovered, apparently by an informer, and perished with her family, except for her father. Anna’s original diary is exhibited as an inseparable part of the house, and there are also pictures, information on the house, a detailed description of Anna’s room and the opening hours of the house, which today serves as a museum.
Anti-Racism.Net (English)
The goal of the Anti-Racism Net is to provide information on racsism and support to its victims, as well as serve as an Internet portal to persons working on the prevention of racism. You will find a great deal of information on the subject, news and articles.
C.A.N.D.L.E.S. Holocaust Museum (English)
The CANDLES Museum was established to teach the public about the Holocaust, to tell the story of the child survivors and to acquaint visitors about the medical experiments that were performed on twins. Here you will find information on the Holocaust, news and museum opening hours.
Claim conference(English)
The site which deals with obtaining recognition of the rights of Holocaust victims and the rehabilitation of persons and institutions that were hurt by the Nazis. You can find information on world-wide bodies which handle compensation claims.
Diary of Anne Frank (English)
The Diary of Anne Frank is a play that was written for Broadway, based on the true diary of Anne Frank, the Dutch girl who perished in the Holocaust. Besides information on the play, there is an educational study guide and links to other sites dealing with Anne Frank.
Florida Holocaust Museum (English)
The Holocaust Museum of Florida was established to increase public awareness about the Holocaust and serve as a memorial for persons who perished in the Holocaust. You can receive information on opening hours and museum tours. There is also a large amount of information on the Holocaust, and you can visit the museum store.
Holocaust Memorial Resource & Education Center (English)
The goal of the Center for Education and Holocaust Remembrance is to provide information and tools with which to examine the past, so that the mistakes are not repeated. Here you will find material on the Holocaust, the museum and its history, a study center and events to take place at the museum.
Holocaust Study Programs and Instruction (English)
On this site there are dozens of study and enrichment programs on the Holocaust. The site contains hundreds of interviews, photographs, learning methods and general material on the Holocaust. The data is catalogued in an efficient and convenient manner.
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Houston Holocaust Museum (English)
The goal of the Holocaust Museum in Houston is to deepen the understanding and awareness of the public at large to the Holocaust, so that history does not repeat itself. Here you will find a great deal of material and information on the museum and a bookstore.
Janusz Korczak Communications Center(English)
A communications center named after the educator who devoted himself to saving orphans and disadvantaged children from the poorer section of Warsaw and chose to go to the concentration camp together with the children. Here you will find information on the man himself and the Holocaust, articles on children’s rights and the “boat” project.
Jewish Museum (English)
In this site the Jewish museum in New York presents its permanent exhibits, a detailed calendar of this year’s special exhibits, information on the items displayed, invitations and an online store of Judaica.
Living Heirs (Hebrew)
A project established by three bodies dealing with compensation claims and documentation of family dynasties of survivors and victims of the Holocaust. Project’s goal: to retrieve property confiscated by the Nazis during the Second World War and found in Austria or Switzerland.
Ministry For Immigrant Absorption (Hebrew and English)
The site of the ministry responsible for providing government assistance to new immigrants and returning residents, from the time of their immigration to their integration in all areas of Israeli life. Information on organizational structure, immigrant services, addresses and telephone numbers, kind of assistance and more.
Official March-of-the-Living (English)
The “March of the Living” is an international campaign to bring world Jewish youth to Poland on Holocaust Day, in order to recreate the death march from Auschwitz to Berkenau. You can watch the march and find relevant links, news and chat.
Simon Wiesenthal Center (English)
The Simon Wiesenthal Center, located in California, USA, engages in the study of Holocaust history and protection of human rights. The site offers a tour of the museum of tolerance, information on exposing anti-Semitism in the US and world, articles and books on hating foreigners and a souvenirs store.
Story of Oscar Schindler (English)
The story of Oscar Schindler, the hero of Speilberg’s movie, “Schindler’s List.” Schindler, a Czech businessman who joined the Nazi party, helped save thousands of Jews from the concentration camps at the end of the Second World War. Pictures and historic facts.
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Shop
The story of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, which offers surfers the option of purchasing books on the Holocaust and related studies: concentration camps, families and inheritance, culture and Jewish art from the period, and museum publications.
Yad Vashem (English or Hebrew)
The museum of the Yad Vashem Martyrs and Heroes Remembrance Authority gives the surfer information on all aspects of the Holocaust - the Holocaust itself, its historic and educational meaning, the importance of remembrance and documentation and information on the Righteous Gentiles. You can also obtain updated information on the Authority’s recent activities.
Yaffa Golan Group (English & Hebrew)
The site is divided into several sections dealing with different areas: compensation claims for Holocaust survivors, publications, Golan tourism, online “e-care diet” and information on sections and links to their sites.