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“Ha’aretz” (Hebrew)
From Israel, today’s news, foreign news, the newspaper’s first page, capital market, articles and columns, gallery, sports and the weekend magazines - all these on the online addition of the “Ha’aretz” newspaper. The site is open to surfers for free reading in exchange for very brief registration.
“Ma’ariv” (Hebrew)
From Israel, today’s news, sports, business, leisure, editorials, letters-to-the-editor, weekend magazine, culture, literature, women, style, science, computers and and online magazine. In addition, you will find the other newspapers published by Ma’ariv: “Ma’ariv Lenoar,” “Ma’ariv Layeladim,” women’s magazine, gorme and “Saviv Laolam.”
“Pnai Plus” on the Net (Hebrew)
The online version of the Israeli entertainment magazine, which includes a selection of articles, gossip and movie columns, chats and links to selected sites on the “Yediot Ahronot” net.
Aish Hatora (English)
Magazine on Jews and Judaism. News and articles on subjects close to Judaism: the Western Wall, spirituality, Jerusalem, the Jewish genius, ask the Rabbi, mailing list from which you can receive news updates, a comprehensive guide to Jewish holidays and information on holiday tradition
Jerusalem Post
From Israel - the Internet version of the daily English newspaper, “The Jerusalem Post,” with articles, news updates, sports, literature, real estate, tourism and finance.
Jerusalem Post (English)
From Israel - the Internet version of the daily English newspaper, “The Jerusalem Post,” with articles, news updates, sports, literature, real estate, tourism and finance.
Jewish Chronicle(English)
The magazine for Jews around the world. You will find columns and articles on communities, culture, art, higher education, youth, trips and even cooking. You can also read letters-to-the-editor. In order to enter the magazine, you must fill out a short form and register as a member.
Jewish Holidays
Online guide to Jewish holidays. You can find information on all the Jewish holidays, including customs, traditional dishes and holiday stories. n addition, you can find information on other subjects, such as the Sabbath, Jewish cuisine, Halacha, books and communication.
Jewish Ink
An online magazine devoted to Judaism and Jewish culture. You can find articles dealing with Jews and Judaism, surveys, a section discussing Kashrut, news from Israel, Jewish holidays and a forum.
Middle East Newsline (English)
A site for those to want to be keep up with Middle East news. Important headlines and short reports can be obtained free of charge, but to receive full journalistic reports, you must sign up as a paying subscriber
Nana News (Hebrew)
Daily news reports - weather forecasts, stock market indexes, Israeli politics, world news, computer bulletins, Internet, high-tech, culture and entertainment. The site updates every day.
Sabra.net (English)
A wide variety of news taking place in Israel, including news on the radio, and links to other sites affiliated with Israel.
Second Channel News (Hebrew)
Every day this spectacular news site provides not only its main news broadcast, but also clips from its current events programs. In the site you can search the news archives, read a Minna Zemach survey, receive the broadcast schedule and obtain a capital market update.
The Jewish Year
A guide which contains dates and information on the various Jewish holidays: prayers, tradition, texts, symbols and virtual blessings.
Tishrei Holidays
Study and enrichment on subjects related to the Jewish months: interpretations of the Portion of the Week, description of holidays and festivals, children’s games and Bible lessons.
Weather in Israel(Hebrew)
Data and information on weather broadcasts or cities in Israel and around the world, including tips for surfers, information on sun radiation, what to expect and more.