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1800Hotel.Net (English)
Hotel index throughout the world. You can place an order through a credit card and secured server and receive a significant reduction in price. The site includes a travel guide, last minute deals, sailing’s, questions and answers on flights and registration for an electronic bulletin.
American Airlines (English)
This famous American airline offers a great deal of information for travelers. You can look for flights according to airport of departure and arrival and receive information on all the flights on the routes of the different airlines. In addition, you can receive information on the company itself and on his special offers.
Arkia (Hebrew & English)
The site of the Israeli airline, Arkia, is divided into international and local sections, with information on hotels, vacation packages, campaigns, flights to Jordan and Sinai, benefits, bonuses and the customer club.The site of the Israeli airline, Arkia, is divided into international and local sections, with information on hotels, vacation packages, campaigns, flights to Jordan and Sinai, benefits, bonuses and the customer club.
Beerotayim (English)
This is an Israeli environmental travel agency which offers a wide variety of adventure trips in the Negev and throughout the country. The company is located at Mitzpe Azuz in the northern Negev.
Bestfares.com (English
A virtual travel agency which claims to have the cheapest and most attractive prices. You can search on this site according to subject: sailing, car rental, hotels, last minute deals. Some of the sections require you to register and become a subscribers.
Cheap Tickets (Hebrew and English)
Through this American travel agency, you can search and order airline tickets from leading airline companies and the large airports around the world. You can be updated on special campaigns and deals.
Delta Airlines (English)
This American airline enables you to find a suitable flight according to requested date and airports of departure and arrival. You can also receive recommendations on travel destinations, special offers and information on its fleet of airplanes. Company customers can be updated on their accumulated miles.
Immanuel (Hebrew and English)
An Israeli travel agency, which organizes trips for tourists in Israel, Jordan and Egypt. In the site you will find information on trips offered by the company offers, as well as essential information for tourists in Israel and a virtual tour of the Holy Land.
Net Travel (Hebrew)
Net Travel allows you to connect to the main international data bank in tourism and place online orders for flights, hotels and car rentals. The site has a search engine divided into departments: resorts, city packages, holidays, etc.
Online Vacation Mall (English)
A virtual shopping mall for vacations. Here you can find holiday packages and trips throughout the world, whether on the basis of a set price or a deal which can be negotiated, so that you can receive a cheaper price for your next trip. There are also attractive deals which are frequently updated.
http:// www.onlinevacationmall.com
Peltours (English)
The Israeli travel agency, “Peltours”, devotes the site to people who are coming to Israel. You can study a list of hotels, order a room, rent a car, join a guided tour and more.
Priceline (English)
This site allows consumers to offer their own price for services, such as airline tickets, and for apartments, real estate, automobiles and hotel rooms. The service providers make contact with the customer and offer their service at the price offered.
Tiyulai Egged Tlalim (English)
Tiyalai Egged Tlalim is the largest travel agency in Israel. Using magnificent busses, the company offers regular trips through a comprehensive ordering network. In the site there is a list of hotels, trip descriptions, a map of Israel and more.
This site connects you to international travel data and places your order for airline tickets, hotels, care rental and vacation packages. A search engine will make it easy for your to find what you are looking for and enable you to place an order for your next vacation.
TWA (English)
The site of this American airline. You can find information on flight schedules, travel agents, baggage services and airports around the world and place orders.
United Airlines (English)
The site of this American airline. Here you can find its worldwide flight schedule, information on flight services, such as duty free shops, meals, ground services and reductions for steady customers. You can place an order on the site.
Ziontours, Jerusalem (Hebrew)
The only Israeli travel agency which provides information on Jewish history seminars. On this site tourists who want to visit Israel can order airline tickets, hotel rooms and cars-for-rent and more.