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Bloomberg (English)
News on finance, state of stocks and stock exchanges, foreign currency, online magazines, business center, money management tools, a huge information bank and even an abbreviated TV and radio channel.
CNN Finance (English)
The finance site of CNN: a great amount of information, articles and features on finance and micro and macro economics. In addition, one can study financial archives on the site’s research department. One of the best sites of its kind in the world.
Finance Center (English)
Extensive and useful financial information suitable not only to senior economists, but also to ordinary people. It offers reliable professional information on insurance, savings and more.
First Secure Net Bank (English)
A virtual bank. All the services of an ordinary bank, without having to leave home or pay commissions..
Merrill Lynch (English)
Information on one of the largest investment companies in the world, as well as news from the world of international business, a business center, finance commentary, a forum and information resources for journalists.
Money Central
A portal from Microsoft
Money Central (English)
A portal from Microsoft devoted to finance, providing financial data from the New York stock market, news bulletins, updates, articles, studies and features. You can also consult with experts on these subjects.
Nasdaq (English)
The official site of the hi-tech stock exchange on Wall Street, New York, giving information on the company, commercial data about the companies traded, stock levels, graphs describing index changes and news. Notices on companies are presented in real time.
Stock Player (English)
Advisory information on various financial topics, with major emphasis on stocks. There are tips, news, financial archives and help in making the right investment, as well as a search engine for finding the company in which you are interested.
Wall-Street-City (English)
Giant-sized site, “a city,” containing everything going on in the American stock exchange for beginners and advanced users. Presented with excellent graphics, it contains a great deal of accompanying information: education, investments, industry, virtual store, commercial areas and of course, updated information on stock levels.