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USA Today (English)
The online version of the popular US newspaper. A wide variety of information and a rich archives, including politics, stocks, football, baseball, golf, books, trips, lotteries, career and more.
ACCU Weather (English)
Online weather forecast. You can find a forecast update for any US city and for many countries around the world, including Israel. You can observe satellite photos and read articles on weather, and you can even opt to receive updated forecasts by email.
BBC Online
This site of the British BBC accommodates all the sites of the British broadcast network: radio, TV from the best BBC channels and interesting articles on almost every possible subject, like sports, education, weather and world news, which are updated several times a day.
Boston Globe
In the site of the daily newspaper founded over 100 years ago in Boston, you can find a wide range of subjects: public auctions, cars, shopping and consumerism, sports, technology, movement, trips, weather, weddings, telephones, health, music, housekeeping and real estate.
The site of the company which provides updated news and pictures all day. The site also has a rich archives, video clips, articles, news, opinions and links to any subject of interest. There is an option to receive news personally suiting to your taste.
Entertainment Tonight(English)
The site of successful old American TV programs. You can find entertainment news, exclusive interviews, chats with stars, wishes, competitions and more. Recommended.
Intellicast Forecast (English)
An exact weather forecast for any spot in the world. All you have to do is select a place on the map, and a detailed forecast is spelled out for you. Simple and easy.
National Geographic Magazine
One of the most wonderful sites on the Net. Through the company�s permanent cameras, you can watch video clips of whales in real time, for example, or read fascinating articles set in different locations around the world, where you dream about visiting. Both the pictures and articles are written at a very high intellectual level.
New York Post (English)
The site of this New York newspaper, where you can follow the news in many areas, such as politics, business, society entertainment and horoscope, through articles and personal column,. In addition, you will find critiques on TV, film, theater, dance, ballet, music and restaurants.
New York Times
The official site of the famous New York Times, with news, restaurant recommendations, matchmaking, stock market, finance, leisure and more.
A news sites which focuses on the British market: finance, business, culture, leisure, technology and sports.
The online edition of the international magazine. Here you can read fresh news from around the world, columns and articles on current affairs and special editions on important subjects, such as health and education. In addition, you will find articles and critiques on art and music.
Play Bill Online(English)
An online directory of performances and shows produced on Broadway and performed throughout the world. You will find news, information on shows, playwrights and production teams and an online stores in which you can order tickets, travel packages, books, discs and gifts.
The largest international news agency presents innovative and updated information on its site. You can search out your field of interest: politics, economics, finance, international events and local news.
Sunday Times (English)
The online edition of the Times and Sunday Times newspapers. You can find articles in many different areas, such as world politics, business, critiques, inventions and innovations, finance, books, travel, culture, style, real estate and the humor corner, Funday Times.
The Weather Channel (English)
The site of the largest weather channel in the US. The site has weather forecasts from every US city, as well as maps that include satellite photos and sugget for weather-related activities.
Time Magazine
In this giant site there is information from every possible field, as well as polls, surveys, an excellent search engine and news updates from around the world. One of the best sites on the Net, and nothing more needs to be said.
Times-Mirror Interzines
In this site you can find online versions of magazines published by the company on various subjects: sports, home, technology, golf, mountain hiking, skiing, skateboard, snowboard, wildlife, yachts and salt water sports.
Virgin Net(English)
A leisure and entertainment guide of Britain. You can receive information on celebrities, films, music, trips, sports, theater, life-on-the-Net radio broadcasts, online games, discussion groups and links to many other sites.
Washington Post
The online edition of this old newspaper, which brings you daily world news and updates on politics, sports, business, health, fashion, weather and culture. In addition, you can study the large gallery of photographs and the articles archives.
Weather Labs (English)
Weather reports from the world over, forecasts for the next few days, seasonal forecasts, satellite photos, high and low tides and explanations on climatic phenomena. You can find information according to city, district or country name.
www.Showbiz Scoop(English)
In this site you will find everything you want to know about what goes on behind the scenes in show business. There are screen savers of stars, the hottest hits in the entertainment world, trivial quizzes, age and birthday updates of stars and even �hot and blazing� scoops.