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Auctions.com (English)
An auctions site. You can buy or sell products in almost any imaginable area: art, antiquities, motor vehicles, boats, airplanes, books, postcards, computers, dolls, toys, electronics, house and garden, music, entertainment, sports, and more.
Borders (English)
This is the site of America’s largest store chain. At Borders yo will find an impressive selection of books, compact discs and video films. In an online coffee house, you can join a quality chat with well-known writers, authors and computer people from America.
DVD-Express (English)
A virtual store of films, games and compact discs for DVD equipment. You can make a secure online purchase, participate in an auction and purchase items and souvenirs from famous films.
eBay (English)
This electronic port is one of the most popular US sites for commerce in used goods of every possible kind. The products are divided into categories, and in most cases you can view a picture of the product.
Gap (English)
A catalogue of clothing, underwear and gifts which can be purchased through the site of this popular company. For your convenience, there is a system that will model combinations of the clothing offered, so you can see how you would look, and there is a customer’s club. Shopping, however, is only for US residents.
Onsale (English)
A shopping index which offers auctions and ordinary shopping. The different products are divided according to categories, such as computer products, electrical products, office equipment, sports equipment and vacation packages. It includes a search engine.
Productopia (English)
A site which offers advice and recommendations regarding everything related to online shopping. If you want to buy a product of any kind, here you can find many recommendations and suggestions about that very product and receive referrals to sites where you can buy the product.
ToysRus.com (English)
The virtual branch of the giant of toys, video games and gifts - the dream of every child. An updated catalogue divides products according to age, brand, kind of games, leading image and subject.
uBid (English)
One of the world’s largest centers on the Net, where you can submit an offer to buy a product of many kinds: computers and related equipment, household electronics, leisure, home products, sports, toys, clothing, work tools, art, trips and vacations.
Walmart-OnLine (English)
A shopping center with a wide variety of products: electrical equipment, cameras, electronics, gifts, collections, flowers, health products, medicines, baby products, music and video films, sports products, toys and video games.