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“New York Times” Books
The site of the books section of the New York Times. You will find critiques on new books, the best sellers list, an art section, forums and news about books. Entry follows free member registration.
Art.com (English)
A store with art products in many areas: photography, painting, sculpture, printing, posters, a variety of gifts, such as shirts and fashion accessories, home decorations, catalogues, video magazines, general explanations on art and the opportunity to create a private gallery.
Books.com (English)
In the site of one of the largest bookstores on the Net, you can find news, magazines, information banks, online libraries, best-sellers, meetings with writers, exhibits, presentations, columns, excerpts and sound and video clips.
CD Now (English)
A giant compact disc store on the Net with a tremendous selection of music, including biographies of artists, itemization of albums and links. You can send a gift to friends that includes a greeting card.
Cinema Desktop Themes (English)
A large index of screen savers and backgrounds for the desk top, selected according to categories, such as cinema films, TV series and celebrates. In addition, you can find links to other screen saver sites, backgrounds and MP3.
A large music magazine which contains columns and articles on music, singers, groups and composers. Information is categorized according to the different branches of music throughout the years. There are songs for downloading according to an MP3 format, video clips, news, electronic mailbox and online store.
Noble & Barnes (English)
One of the largest virtual bookstores on the Net. You can order books, compact discs, software, magazines and gifts. There are also recommendations, shopping guides and a catalogue of products arranged according to subject, as well as sales campaigns and reductions.
A music search engine according to MP3 format. Here you can download music software, coding and mobile listening software. In addition, you will find explanations on the process and mode of downloading. It is recommended to download songs through FTP.
Rolling Stone(English)
Rolling Stone is one of the largest and oldest music magazines in the world. Here you can find interviews with the great stars, clips for downloading, news from the world of pop, an enormous amount of record critiques, chats with musicians, hit parades and gossip.
Tower Records (English)
The site of the largest music stores in the world, which offers a large selection of compact discs for purchase, a list of 1000 of the best selling albums, a DVD and video department, the option of listening to some of the albums and an internal search engine for finding a specific album.
A comprehensive music magazine, which includes columns, articles, MP3 formal songs for downloading in a many musical styles, clips, news, options for online song listening, options for personal editing and an online store for pop products.