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e-Holyland (English)
An online store for souvenirs and items from the Holy Land, such as hand-made olive tree products, crosses, pictures, holy water and books. The site also includes a song section using an MP3 format for free downloading.
Bethlehem Market Place (English)
Here the “Venus” company offers to sell antiquities from different periods, such as oil lamps, pottery, glass, coins, bronze tools, metal or wood figurines, gold jewelry and pendants.
Blessings - 2000 (Hebrew and English)
Through this site, you can send personal greetings cards that combine natural materials from the seven breeds. The fruits and leaves are from the Holy Land. The cards, made from hand processed paper, are sent to anywhere in the world.
One of the best portals on the Net. Excite provides a search engine, news, email, option for personal fit, chats and dozens of other free services. One of the most popular sites in the world.
Golden World (English)
From Israel - a virtual store of golden jewelry. There are rings for men and women, earrings and Jewish-style gold-colored or diamond-studded jewelry. Pictures and full descriptions of products are available for purchase through the site.
Intergift (English)
A virtual store which sends gifts from anywhere in the world to someone in Israel. In the site there is a detailed catalogue with many ideas for the perfect gift.
Israeli Army Products (English)
All the products of the Israeli army: uniforms, shirts, hats and diverse items presented in an online catalogue, accompanied by pictures and illustrations of the items that can be purchased.
M.B.T.C. (English and Hebrew)
This site has a variety of gifts, souvenirs and religious objects from the company, which specializes in imports and exports of these products. For those interested in buying, you can place an order by telephone, and you will be charged through your credit card. Products may be purchased from and delivered to anywhere in the world.