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Real Estate in Israel
We offer you the highest quality projects from the best construction companies
in Israel. Because real estate prices in Israel are at a record low nowadays, these
apartments are an excellent investment and give the buyer great value for his/her money.
For each project you will find a full description of the company, the project itself,
its location, the architect's plan as well as the technical specifications of each apartment.
Ganei Har Homa
Gannei Har Homa Project
Maale Adumim
Maale Adumim Project
Maale Adumim
Project's by HEFTSIBA Ltd. , one of the leading real estate companies in Israel.

All details are provided by Heftziba Ltd and are at their sole responsibility. The plans and pictures shown at this site are for the purpose of demonstration only and do not obligate the Company in any way. The Company would only be liable by a legal contract wherein both sides would sign the technical plans.

e-mail: RealEstate@jewishwebguide.com
Maale Adumim Project Gannei Har Homa Project